Dankwoods are Backwoods Rolled With Cannabis, dipped into hash oil, and rolled onto kief. They are just another street brand without any lab test results for their pre-rolls. Sounds a lot like Moon Rocks weed, but they are including the famous tobacco leaf from backwoods. There is a lot of controversy behind the Dankwoods brand. Living in the Bay Area, I can’t find it in any of the big name dispensaries and delivery services around here.

No reputable licensed cannabis dispensary or delivery service could even sell it without having a tobacco license. There is no official Dankwoods store because this brand is not properly licensed to sell their products. Avoid buying Dankwoods for sale from anyone is our recommendation. Do not fall for this hash and weed cigar that is most likely not premium flowers.

There is no Dankwood vape cart, instead, there is something similar called Dabwoods. This is another street brand that’s another rip off of the Backwoods brand.

Widely available at Pigeon Buds. A single Dankwoods blunt cost $40 and includes 2 grams of premium cannabis according to its label. There is no winning when it comes to buying cannabis from unlicensed sellers.

They can be pushing their dirty cannabis and concentrate which can cause health issues. This is why it’s important to make it a habit to only buy regulated cannabis products. There need of accountability if a cannabis brand is caught selling dirty products and with street brands there isn’t anybody to sue if there are any issues.

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