Closer Look to Medical Marijuana in Louisiana Market 2022

The medical marijuana smokable form of marijuana, known as flower, is currently accessible for medical usage. In June, Governor Edwards signed the bill into law.

“Because of the negative stigma of cannabis, a lot of careful work, research, and intentionality went into creating a flower industry. Patients will gain from education and new research.”

Dr. Chanda Macias is the CEO of Ilera Holistic Healthcare, the contracted grower and manufacturer of medical cannabis, often known as medical marijuana, for Southern University. Macias is adamant that cannabis is not just a greatly underutilized natural medicine, but also a means of overcoming addiction.

medical marijuana

That message appears to be getting through.

In just two years, the number of patients receiving medicinal marijuana in Louisiana has increased from over 2,000 to over 14,000, according to MJBizDaily, a national marijuana market trade journal. Sales are expected to rise to roughly $100 million next year and $400 million by 2025, thanks to the introduction of flower.

Flower will be available for purchase at dispensaries around the state.

Greenleaf Dispensary in Houma is owned by Omar Pecantte. Greenleaf is one of the state’s nine medical marijuana pharmacies.

“Flower is the cheapest because there is less manufacturing and cannabis refinement required.”

Although flower is new, there are already a variety of different types of medical cannabis available. There is a crème that is administered topically and is similar to lotion.

“You apply it directly to the skin,” Pecantte explains. “It has THC and CBD in it, and it’s good for arthritis, joint pain, and other things like that.”

Another possibility is to use distillates for Medical Marijuana

“It has the consistency of honey. It’s because the THC content is so high. This will be used in consumables such as cookies and brownies, as well as vaping.”

Finally, there are tinctures, which are drops placed beneath the tongue and taken into the bloodstream.

Medical marijuana, according to Pecantte, is exclusively for persons with serious conditions or illnesses, such as cancer or significant physical disability.

“Anxiety, depression, or any other physical or mental ailment for which medical cannabis could be a useful therapy choice. Clients come from many walks of life. Professionals who are currently employed. They cater to a wide range of cannabis patients.”

Another benefit of obtaining a medical marijuana prescription in Louisiana, according to experts, is its safety.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture regulates the medical marijuana sector, according to Pecantte. He claims that all products are inspected for pesticides, heavy metals, and a variety of other flaws. If a batch fails to match the requirements, it is discarded. Another way patients know they can trust what they’re obtaining on the legal market, according to him, is when they go through the doors of a dispensary.

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